👁📐👁 Design review

Comparison of user journey and data

3 spots of massive drops. Based on the user journey hypothesis, we could think :

  1. Signup submit (-22%) : Despite the attractive art direction, the form is discordant with the users expectations. "Start" can mean a lot of thing to anyone, it can be rather unexpected to go to a form.
  2. Create class (-23%) : This step seems to have 2 major issues. First lots of fields without explanations, second, a lack of global transparence about the usefulness of the product.
  3. Adding students (-26%) : Once again, the user is ask to make an effort, without perceiving what good this will do.

We could think that the drops are due to a lack of transparence. This is resulting in creating expectations that'll never be meet, and instead he will be ask to give a lot of informations without perceiving the direct outcome.


Using the heuristics shared by the NormanNielsenGroup, the onboarding of Lalilo presents some flaw that should be addressed whatever the chosen solution. Today's review :